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The metaphor has been understood as an analogy to Ethics like this: You have two children who want to sit in a rocking cradle. But, both cannot sit in it at the same time. One sits in the Cradle while the other one has to push. But, they cannot agree on who should push. One says “I am better so you push.” The other says, “But, I never get a chance to sit in the cradle. “
So they decide we will push the Cradle real fast, then we will both jump in, but this does not work. So they start fighting.
“It’s my turn. It’s your turn to push.”
“No, I’m better you push.”
“No, you are not. Because I always do all the work”.
The only solution that works is that they take turns pushing the Cradle and sitting inside.
(They eventually realize there is only one solution after trying everything else).
They have to put their ego’s aside to make the system work.
And the Cradle Will Rock…

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