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In early human history, Man looked up to Heaven and struggled with morality, and being good. At that time the Lord introduced himself by His name. Like the affection and pride that a Father feels when his infant child first looks up and recognizes him, and says his name, the Lord felt great affection for Man in early human history, such as when those Lord’s of Men, the Pandava princes, roamed this narrow world.

Later Man worshipped GaneshivaDeva-the Devil and the Danavas or Gods and Goddesses who are always loyal to the Creator, thought Man was ungrateful to Him, and thought of man as pumsam(or as being lower than the dirt that the snake crawls upon). Nevertheless, the Lord did not decide to destroy Man because he remembered Man in his infancy and the great affection he once had for Mankind.

The Lord teaches Men to crawl before they can walk. When men are children they crawl, when they are men they walk, but the Lord is still the Lord. The Lord teaches Man as human society advances. The Lord raised Man from the apes and taught him to walk upright. The Devil could not have done that, yet Man turned against the Lord. The Devil makes Man crawl on his knees all over again.

The Garden of Eden:

There were two important Trees in the Garden of Eden, viz. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which is the Lord Shiva, and the Tree of Life, which is the Lord, and not a third. Jehovah-Ganesha placed flaming swords and fierce Cherubim in the way to guard the path to the Lord because Man had become corrupted and so were no longer permitted to worship the Lord, and get eternal life in Heaven.

Jehovah-Ganesha’s job is to prevent you from getting to the Lord because man turned evil and so was prohibited from worshipping the Lord the Fruits of whose worship is eternal life in Heaven. That is why Almighty, i.e. very large like an elephant, God stops you from going any farther than the material world. That’s his job.

Explanation of the Fall of Man:

 The Lord Created Man and Man worshipped the Lord, the world was good.

 Man worshipped the Devil and the world became bad.

Summation Against Mankind:

The Lord Created Life because it made him happy. When Man is cruel to his children (including most higher animals) or does evil, it makes him unhappy.

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