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The Lord and Creator is Narayana.

This is the Lord’s name because it is his identity and how you can tell him apart from any other God.

The Lord Created the Trinity. The Danavas, or Gods, all take the name of the Creator as their last name.

Of the Trinity, Shiva is the Highest Danava.

The Lord created him first from his Crown. The Danavas were created from the Lord’s mind, not through sex.

Then, there are second generation Gods called Devas. They were created by the Danavas, and Dinalis-or Goddesses. They are sometimes a problem because they are  powerful, have loyalty for their parent Danavas, and forget their Creator.

The Principle Deva is Ganesa. He was created to cause confusion, but was bound to Shiva by the Lord as a Bootha, or a Spirit follower of Shiva.

Jehovah is a form of GanesaShiva Deva, and Christ was a more powerful form of Ganesa because he was resurrected by Shiva.

Gabriel was an Angel of Jehovah. He gave Muhammad the Koran.

The Danavas are against Evil, or Kali. She was created by Brahma because he was angry the Sons of Shiva, that Great Lord of immeasurable might, would not obey him.

Karl Marx was a man, who created a philosophy based on history. He was not a Danava or an Angel.

The Danavas are allowed to create forms of themselves; the Creator is allowed to create forms of anything. This is how the World was populated.

    The Danavas are good and on the side of justice and goodness. Ganesa was created because Man had become corrupt. He is like an arbitrary variable, he is clever and sometimes on the side of good and sometimes plays the bad side against the good or both sides against the middle. There is only some probability that he is on one side or the other. This is how he is properly understood. In the end he is supposed to be on the side of the Lord, but the other Danavas dislike him because of his tricky nature.

There is no division among the Danavas. They are all on the side of good. There is division on Earth because people believe one Danava or God is against another Danava or God. The real enemy is Kali.

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