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WHere do religious books e.g. Bible, Koran etc..come from?

Who created (African)slavery?The answer is the Christians, the British and the Americans.

Then we ended it, but we still use Africa for natural resources.

The Old Testament has a law for war and slavery.

See: Exodus, and Deuteronomy

Israel had many slaves of those nations they conquered in war. The Law of Moses was only given to one community, the Jews, and they didn’t share it with other nations, so how could other nations follow it?
How could it be an excuse to kill, conquer or murder others?

Christians believe in The Old Testament too. The Bible Law is to conquer. To the winner go the spoils.

Ask British India, their slavery only ended in 1948. The Civil War ended at the Appomattox Courthouse in April,1865. Why didn’t they free India after the end of slavery and the end of the Civil War?

The Treaty that ended the Anglo- Maratha wars was a peace treaty. The Marathas wanted peace. They did Not want spoliation to be practiced on them. The Chatrapatis didn’t agree to slavery.
So who did not want peace?

In 1930 who hung Sri Laxmi Narayanan Sarada, and Jagganath Bhagawan Shinde at Solapur?They were Members of the Royal family.

What did they know?

The Marathas agreed to peace not slavery.

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