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A general explanation:

India was finally conquered by colonialists in the third Anglo-Maratha War after waves of Dutch, French, Portuguese, and Moslem Mughal invasions were defeated. The two Great Powers left in India were the British and the Marathas. The Colonialists believed that White people were superior and had the right to rule the World, and enjoy it under their dominion. They used Christianity as a tool to justify conquest.

As defense against colonization the Marathas argued that the Christians didn’t believe in being good, since Indians were an autochthonous people living in their own country. Colonialists were trying to steal their wealth.

   After WWI the Germans under the Treaty of Versailles were forced to accept guilt and pay reparations for the war. German pride was offended and their economy was in ruins, but they were not allowed by Christian ethics to fight war against the other Christian powers for the sake of injustice. They knew violating the Treaty of Versailles was risky and might mean another continental (Great) war. They wanted to move forward with a new belief.

Of course, the Germans were defeated in World War II.

After the WWII the Great Powers agreed in general to White Rulership of the world, and Germany acquiesced because they believed the White Christian system could not be beaten. This was the reason for the persilcheinne and expuration policy after the war initially begun by the Psychological Tactical Warfare Division of the Allied Command.

  The Germans incorrectly based their war policy on a strategy to destroy and conquer, instead of creating a system which ranked and ordered and related belief systems in the world. This is why they failed.

In any case it was adopted as almost theological belief that Christians didn’t truly believe in Justice unless it came from God because they actually believed their their superiority made their policies and Wars just, thus eventually many people became liberal and secular. To many, religion without justice does not make sense.

Though before the war Jews generally held true to the One God policy, not white supremacy, over time even Israel and most Jews came to identify themselves as being white. Germany’s original sin was leaving or opposing the white Christian system.

The dream of White Christians was for people to accept their right to rule the world without opposition. Although America was originally reluctant to embrace such a vision because of her ideals, after the war Europe receded from leadership and America took over the quest for conquest and world dominion under a Christian banner.

Thus my conclusion is in true God belief the Marathas were correct, which really even the Colonialists knew, because people who believe in the Lord really do so only for the sake of being good.

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