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A little redbird nested above my room in the attic of my house. One day the kitchen repair guy came over the house when I was in my room upstairs, and he was angry and complaining about me to my father downstairs in the kitchen. He had some pent up hostility towards me for some reason. At some point I said to myself audibly, “Maybe you should go to a therapist. Why do you want to complain to my dad? He was not trained as a psychologist.”

This made the repair guy more angry. At this point the workman was downstairs and to the right of me and I was laying on my bed diagonally facing West above the kitchen..

The way the little redbird reacted recalled the scene in the Ten Commandments when Moses chastised the people for sinning, and as if the command was given as in the biblical story,” Those who are on the side of the Lord come to my side and those who are against the Lord go to the other side”. The little redbird hopped on the ceiling away from the angry repairman, to the other side of me.

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