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The First Logical Proof of the Existence of God (235 pg.)
God the World Ground– God is the subject of the argumentation

(227-240 pg.):

1. God creates/supports the Universe. The desire to know God is the source of the scriptures.

(pg.263, 287) :2. The Life force is the spirit. The self supports life as God supports the Universe. 

3. The self  is not Space or vital breath. Breath supports life, but is not the self
. (The Spirit is not air, though air is essential to life, and space is not created.


4. The Spirit existed before (the body) it is the goal of the scriptures because of the existence of the higher self.


5. By inference he is light because he shines forth, as the scriptures declare, and because (the heavenly) being is a being of light.

(pg. 309):

6. He supports the Universe causing it to tremble. (Particles of matter vibrate due to motion and energy or tremble)

(pg.314) and (324-326):

7. The Spirit is the object of the body because it is dependent on him.


8. The existence of the spirit cannot be derived solely by reason, though reason and study of scriptures may be the beginning…..of knowledge of God.( Reason and study of scripture may bring one to belief in God, but are only the beginning of the understanding of God).  

(350 pg.): 9. God is the cause the effect is existence.  The non-existence of a Lord or Creator cannot be inferred because existence cannot come from non-existence since it is not possible.  It is maintained that inferences from effect to cause are as a rule unreliable i.e… inferences about causation of phenomena in the past are unreliable because they cannot be observed. What the material attributes of God are cannot be inferred from existence. One cannot understand what came before by ordinary perception of what came afterwards (’s own existence).      One cannot infer the non-existence of the  Lord or spirit because they do not observe or perceive him by ordinary means. Phenomena in the past usually cannot be observed. Thus to make such inferences is to make inferences from effect to cause which is unreliable. One also cannot turn God into an image of Man. Inferences about the material qualities or aspects of God from one’s  perception of their own existence are unreliable

(pg. 246, pg.333 )
10. Whatever is good in any scripture should be followed, but whatever is against the meaning of scripture should not be followed.

If it conflicts with the truth in the scripture it should not be followed, but any scripture based on truth and so not in conflict with it should be accepted.

(pg. 363):

11. Cruelty and suffering cannot be attributed to the Lord and so one should worship without fear.


12. One cannot infer lack of causation by the Lord having no beginning viz…Being eternal. Because the word beginningless is used to describe the Lord, cause(The Lord) and effect( the Universe) are different.



13. Nor can one ascribe any bad qualities to the Lord.

(366 pg.)

14. By the orderly arrangement of life (the world) one can infer it has a Lord and Creator.
The orderly arrangement of the world is not possible without a Lord and Creator; therefore that it has one is not an inference. 

15. Existence does not come from non-existence and so the Lord always existed. (The Universe could not exist if it came from non-existence, since existence does not arise from non-existence and so it must have a Creator that always existed).

(pg. 354-358):
16. The Absolute is without imperfection and so none can be attributed to him. 


17. The Lord does not arise from non-existence, since non-existence does not exist. (The Universe could not have emerged from nothing without a Creator since existence does not emerge from non–existence since non-existence does not exist or is not real).


18. The non-existence of a Supreme Being cannot be proven by the intelligence or by understanding. Just as the non-existence of an object cannot be proven by lack of perception or by (non)-understanding.         

It is like one who has never seen the Himalayan mountains arguing that they don’t exist because nothing in the world could be so massive, stretch so high, be so broad, be so immoveable..etc….. All rational reasons, but because one has  reasons that are rational to disbelieve in their existence does not make them any less real or immoveable.


 19. The soul does not age if it did it would be impermanent. Because the body ages, but the soul does not, the body is less important.   

The soul is never young or never old. It is always the same; fixed, eternal.

20. Alternatively, if one argues existence has no cause (God) then existence has no purpose. (If existence arose from nothing without a Creator than there is no reason for it and so existence is without a purpose).  

(pg.379-380):21. A cause precedes an effect. When each moment passes the last moment ceases to be. Thus cause and effect are separated. If it were not so, there would be simultaneity of cause and effect and that violates our principle that a cause must precede an effect. God is the cause- the existence of the Universe is the Effect.

Though the Cause is existent in the Effect, it still is anterior to the Effect. The cause and the Effect are not simultaneous. The Cause has to be present in the Effect or else discontinuity arises, but the Cause precedes and is carried over into it and one cannot determine the Cause by simple perception of one’s own existence or what one may conclude is reality.

By Simple perception of one’s own experience or commonsense; people believed from their perception that the Sun went around the Earth, but that conclusion was not true, even though it seemed obvious to people.

(406 pg.):

22. The Lord is the Supreme treasure because he resides in the heart and makes it attractive. The Spirit is not confined by shape, form or space because it is light, and energy and not a material object. When one passes away it becomes unmanifest again and leaves the body.


23. Everything originates from the Supreme Lord. For the purpose of knowledge the scriptures were born. Entities that exist in the sphere of light are called enlightened beings due to this knowledge (of the Supreme Being).


Radhakrishnan, S. The Brahma Sutra. George Allen&Unwin LTD. London (copyright 1960).

Sanskrit Quotations from the text:

II. 2.26 Na’samo adarstavam-The Lord (also the Universe) does not arise from non-existence. (pg.338) II. 2.42 Utpatty-origination, asambhavan-from non-existence is not possible, (since non-existence does not exist.)(pg.382) The difference between the cause and effect results from statement in the scriptute that the Lord is beginingless.(pg. 364) The Brahma Sutra

ibid…Radhakrishnan, S. The Brahma Sutra.


God influences the world all the time without people even being aware of it. Spiritual things transcend the mortal plane; the spirit is not matter, so there is no reason to believe it follows the laws of physical matter.Why would God create a world with physical laws, but without any moral, or ethical laws? The belief  that scientific laws exist, but that there are not ethical foundations to moral laws based in the laws of the Universe doesn’t really seem to be a belief in God at all; but belief in natural or scientific laws. How can one state that if you believe in God that there are no laws of ethics and morality that are just as real.  
   The Himalayan mountain analogy is a good example, because one may not have experienced Spiritual reality or the Effect of moral laws, they assume they don’t exist. That was the great advance of Sanskrit scripture; that there are moral laws underlying an ethical world; laws that gave it a moral basis or foundation. Without moral laws there is no foundation in truth for the welfare of the people that inhabit the world.     
     Ultimately, though science and technology advance, they do so over time naturally, but there is nothing higher than the Absolute and no advancement greater than knowing God. There is no credible reason to argue that the underlying principles in Sanskrit scriptures are not moral laws as valid as physical ones, or that religious principles do not comprehend the principles of science or physical law. In fact many truths about the reality of the Universe are hidden in these scriptures.

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