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It was August 21, 2017 the date of the last full solar eclipse. In Austin, Texas it was only a 65% eclipse. During the afternoon hours of the eclipse, I went into my backyard and sprayed water droplets from my garden hose in the direction of incidental sunlight thus creating a rainbow by using the famed Raman Scattering Effect. The rainbow was reflected as a full sphere which surrounded me.

During a full eclipse the energy seems to be sucked out of the atmosphere, and birds and animals generally are inactive or some say they fear that the end of the world has begun. In any case because I reflected the solar disk with droplets of water into  my backyard, the animals and birds came out and were not frightened.

The Sun still appeared in my backyard in the form of a rainbow sphere and so on that day, in my backyard, I stopped the solar eclipse.

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