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Take a simple analogy, it’s late at night and you are at home alone, an intruder breaks into your house to rob you, you are scared so you grab your child’s 32 ounce composite aluminum baseball bat, quietly go downstairs and say to the intruder, “ Get out or I’ll bust you in the knee cap.”

    I would say that this is a morally justified act of self-defense, in protecting your home or property. The Lord is benevolent; he isn’t going to send you to hell if you bust a robber in the leg once or twice out of fear and surprise. But, then you question is this the most advanced state of civilization that the world can attain? 

I say no, the world is still in a relatively primitive state of development.

   The answer is simple, if you want to save the world and make it a better place: Get rid of the weapons. I would estimate that over half of government expenditures in the world are on different kinds of weapons: armies, missiles, prisons, police, law enforcement, prosecutors, lawyers, Courts, the justice system, ABM systems, surveillance systems, (Meta) data collection, and so forth…All the symbols of (our) insecurity and fear to quote Sting.

   That amounts to trillions of dollars of expenditures by countries and the world’s governments every year. The problem is that the world isn’t ready to get rid of weapons yet. Why? In IR it is called the ‘Security Dilemma’. Essentially, when a State, or even individual at the micro-level, feels insecure they want to have weapons. In a world where people can’t trust each other, where people and States seek competitive advantage by deceit, schemes, and crookedness; people, leaders, and Nations feel insecure, and one cannot blame someone for having weapons in a crooked and dangerous world.

    But, those trillions of dollars in expenditures that go towards building weapons could be used in a million useful ways, to solve problems, end hunger, to advance science and learning, build technology for renewable and clean power, and yes to address environmental concerns like (AGW) Global Warming. AGW is a drop in the bucket compared to the problem of weapons of temporal power.

   To conclude, sorry (AGW) science won’t save the world, it doesn’t make people or the world noble or good. A lot of scientists are as guilty as anyone of arrogance and have even caused a lot of the world’s problems out of pride. Teach people to have faith in being good for the sake of being good, that’s the only solution that works.

   Science isn’t a rule for how you should live your life. (Natural)Science gives material answers to material questions. It’s useful like a lamppost, to lean against, but it doesn’t give much light, somewhat like statistics, to quote a textbook cliché on Statistics from my book on Experimental Method. It isn’t that important, but teaching people how to be noble and good is.

   The reality that material science believes in or understands is like seeing waves on the ocean, without recognizing the levels upon levels of waves of Spiritual energy that material reality is built upon. The pathology of the World from the individual to the nation state is pride, egotism and arrogance which is the world’s sickness and why it can’t solve even simple problems in IR and why there ends up being war.

  A two degree Celsius rise in the World’s temperature isn’t going to end the World. If anything is going to bring about the World’s destruction it will be the weapons it makes out of insecurity and fear of one another. If people want to be clever or crooked for the sake of advantage things don’t work out well for mankind.



2 comments on “The Answer is Simple- The Underlying Principle or: How to Save the World from Destruction by Barath Nagarajan Jun 5, 2017 – 12:26pm

  1. Opher says:

    A two degree rise will likely cause the end of civilisation though. Mass migration, rising sea levels, flooded cities, flooded agricultural land, starvation, war and massive weather changes – droughts, floods, hurricanes. Best avoided if possible.
    I suggest doing away with weapons, not chopping down trees, valuing nature and getting the population down to a sensible level.

    1. I think again you are basing your argument on an opinion. The only way to get people to be responsible and good is to teach them about the Lord and about being good not planned parenthood and contraception. You will find people really want to be good. Teach people common morality from all religion without pride or prejudice

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