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Yes Lord, needless destroy,

Sunset Girl?

Tell me children, how material chance is a measure of certainty?

You said, “Never judge a book by the cover”

Look beyond the letter of the law,

To cast one’s own child into the river Mahakalaya is a great evil

Of the better Angels I chose the best among them

An unclear path is a Spider’s web,

A road to nothing- nowhere.

Dvi. No.

Jealousy and greed are War’s twin brothers.

A disease destructive to the End.


They knew he was in pain.


Man where do you drink poison?

Said he was shy, talked with Father,

Vicious man problem

Forty black Knights,

Answer his questions,

Unlock the water of annihilation,

The Afterlife is blocked,

The Angel’s sword guards the regenerate Ones,

Light Angel’s wings,

Don’t do it here,

Done. Desolation.

Barath Nagarajan



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